Digital Protection Suite

iSafeSHIELD bundled plans provides world class protection for PC and Android plus Credit and Identity protection with features like Robust Monitoring, Text Alerts, 1 Million$ theft cover and more. 


All Round PC Protection , Internet Security , Realtime Protection , Mobile Security ,

Auto Updates , File Eraser etc.

What else? Anyways, check out our most basic features below..

Identity/ Credit Monitoring

Our bundled plans comes with features like SSN Alerts, Credit Card Monitoring, Change of Address, Sex Offenders, Dark Web Monitoring, 1 Million $ theft cover and much more that ensures not just computer protection but instead a Complete Digital Protection Suite. Don’t forget to put your family members on cover too with our Family plans.

Updated Antivirus Definitions

Technology is getting advanced each day and so are the cons to it , we mean to say threats to a technology. Everyday there are new Ransomware , Malware etc thus we make sure that we update our Antivirus definitions regularly and put them automatically in your device so that you’re updated too.

Internet Security

8 out of 10 Threats that we found on our customers came from Internet. So why even let something enter your system and then run a force to clean it up? We rather deployed a force right at the Border i.e. Internet Security that make sure you are safe from Online threats coming in to your system. Browser Extension available for Chrome and Firefox.

File Eraser / Ransomware Protection

We’ve also added a File Eraser that ensures whenever you remove an unwanted program from your device it’s removed truly and completely without leaving any residue or leftover items which is a common issue. iSafeSHIELD can also detect and remove any Ransomware before it harms your computer or effect you.  

1 million$ benefit cover from iSafeIDENTITY

Our bundled plans protects not just your computer but also you Identity and

Credit with iSafeIdentity. Get SSN Alerts, Change of Address Alerts, Credit/ Debit

Cards monitoring, Sex offenders and much more backed up with 1 million $

benefit cover from iSafeIdentity.

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Goodbye to all Cyberthreats and Scams. Our complete Digital Protection Suite let you have a peace of mind with a Single Service or Software. From Credit Report to Identity Theft we have you covered. Give us a call and speak to our support advisors.