Yes, we have plans for everyone..

Digital protection is like a Right to everyone. We aim to be able to serve everyone; from Student, to Children in Families .Everyone can stay protected with our easy plans.   

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Our Great Features

Updated Antivirus Definitions

Threats keep evolving and so do we!  We update our Antivirus definitions regularly and put them automatically in your device so that you’re updated against new Ransomwares and Malwares.

1 Million$ Theft Cover

Don’t go just by our words, besides the world class antivirus protection, 247 Credit monitoring and alerts we ensure you’re covered under 1 Million$ Theft cover as well!

Identity & Credit Monitoring

Beside the Robust Antivirus we have your back with 247 Identity and Credit monitoring that includes features like SSN Alerts, Credit Card Protection, Sex Offenders, Data Sweep and much more.. 

Internet Protection

Safeguard your browsing experience by installing our Internet Protection Browser extensions that prevents you to enter any phishing site or suspicious links.

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