Support beyond just Antivirus

iSafeShield provides support beyond just our Antivirus protection. Got issues with your Browser,
Printer or even General PC Trouble shooting ? We’re here to help.


Chat Support is available for our Free and Basic users. We can help you resolve basic account related issues like Activation, Upgrade, Installation, Uninstallation etc. Email us at [email protected] or Click on the Link below to get started.


iSafeShield Provides Priority support for our TOTAL, FAMILY and COMBO users where we not only help you with your Antivirus or Credit Monitoring but we can go way beyond to fix most of the general issues related to your device like Browsing Issues, Slow Computer, Adding a new device etc. Please note that this service is offered complimentary and we do not take any result guarantee or make resolution commitments. Call the number below to get started.